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Zephyr Absolutely no Gravity Water fountain Pen

Shinde Ameet Narayan Indian Organization Academy. Increased Noida

Advertising Mix

Product Zephyr Absolutely no Gravity Water fountain Pen is an innovative merchandise It works upon zero gravity technology including pressurized ink cartridges It can write Upside down, Under normal water, over damp and fried paper or at any viewpoint It also functions at thin air (12, 500 feet) rendering it possible to use in airplanes also

The Printer ink cartridges happen to be replaceable It gets in four elegant colors viz., Shiny Dark, Metallic Silver precious metal, Aqua Green and Green


Zephyr Zero Gravity Fountain Pen targets superior segment buyers, it is priced at 1500 INR The replaceable Printer ink cartridges is priced at 500 INR

Promotion: Printing ads will probably be placed in Business magazines like Business travelers Asia Pacific cycles, Business India, Business world and technological journals like Number India, Gadgets for you, etc . It will also end up being placed in leading Business reports papers like ET, Economic Express and Business Normal, etc .


Zephyr Absolutely no Gravity Fountain Pen will probably be launched in four metros of India namely, New Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai and Chennai Furthermore it will also always be launched in technological and manufacturing link cities just like Bangalore and Pune correspondingly

Unique Offering Proposition

The USP of Zephyr Water feature Pen can be its unique Absolutely no Gravity Technology which create a complete new category in Fountain Pens

Market Segmentation

Target Market Segmentation: The target industry audience to get Zephyr Absolutely no Gravity Water fountain Pen is usually premium part customers just like business management and techno savvy well-off class. 1 . Geographic: City cities, Technological & Developing hub like Bangalore and Pune

installment payments on your Demographic: um Age- Over 20 Years um Gender –Unisex o Cash flow Group – Upper Class o Occupation- Industrialist, Businessmen, Older Executives, Celebrities and Frequent Fliers 3. Psychographic: to Personality- Driven and Position Oriented um Life style-...


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