Excursion Airlines

 Excursion Flight companies Essay

Angel Gracia

Functional Problem

Adventure Airlines

Functional Problem 3

1) Describe the red flags, if perhaps any, that you find inside the maintenance information. There are several warning in the invoices. There are several bill numbers that are repeated and still have an A at the end of the repeated invoice.

2) Based on the results, what types of fraud techniques may be mentioned? This demonstrates invoices were created twice to get large amounts possibly by hacker that have permitted the deals. It's very clear that the bills were documented this way.

3) Does this details indicate a potential suspect?

It was done by the two Orr and Nately within 2 vendor's accounts Midware Aircraft Supply and MFI Avionics.

Sensible Problem 4

1) Do you recognize anything dubious on the face with the invoice via Syntech Devices? If therefore , what are your thoughts about the company? One evident red flag regarding the account is that it really is sent to a P. O. Box which usually shows that there could be fraud cause if a business is located someplace the money would be sent to the businesses location not only a P. U. Box. Also All the deal were authorized to Syntech Systems by simply only one person Brian Snowden. My opinion about the company is that fraud is a very big opportunity and the firm should look into this more thoroughly simply by questioning Snowden as well as talk to Syntech Systems owner since it may in reality be a shell company.

Practical Issue 5

1) List three things you could perform to gather information about the owner of Syntech Systems. Contact the Secretary of State's business office to see articles of use for Syntech Systems.. See how much was paid out to Syntech Systems and check all canceled checks. Previous see if Brian Snowden has a new car or extravagance things that he may not be able to afford in the current salary.

Practical Problem 6

1) Will you see anything at all in the articles of incorporation that looks suspicious? Very well the corporation is doesn't really have a...


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