Orientation of Counseling Theory

 Orientation of Counseling Theory Essay

Course number: PSYC601D

Course title: Counseling Theory and Methods I

Teacher: Dr . Adrian Robert Wang Chi Tong

Student term: Tong Lai Ping Rebecca

Student amount: MAPC080131


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Rebecca New tong/tanga Lai Titled ping 18-11-2009

Counselling Theory and Technique My spouse and i PSYC601D

Term Paper

The theory and style of therapies


Name and Articles p. three or more

Abstract s. 4

Text p. 5-p. 11 1 . introduction--my personal theory l. 5 2 . Basic idea and essential concepts g. 5 3. Goals of person-centered remedy p. 6th 4. Restorative relationship of person-centered therapy p. several 5. Approaches of person-centered therapy p. 8 6th. Applications of the person-centered approach p. 8 7. Limits of the person-centered therapy g. 9 almost eight. Conclusion--My final integration of Spirituality and Religion l. 9-p. eleven

Case study g. 12-p. 13

Reference l. 15


In the beginning on this paper, I actually state my personal point of view regarding integration of numerous theories and my primary ground in practicing person-centered theory. Then I start to make critical glare on different aspects of person-centered theory. On each of the element, I attempted to illustrate my own ideas together with the real experience when I am facing several clients. Last but not least, I bring out my personal opinion about the potency of spirituality. The final part of the paper is a real case, which I worked on a year ago, along the way I attempted my personal theory in practice plus the result was positive. Introduction--My personal theory

Among over eight approaches of therapeutic devices, they reveal some prevalent goals, good results . differences in terms of the best route to achieve these goals. Several therapists demand an active and directive position on the therapist's part, and more place values on customers being the active agent. Their concentrate differently anxiety on emotions, cognitive patterns, and habit. The key problem to me is to find methods to integrate specific features of many of these approaches, so that I can use clients upon all three levels of human knowledge.

You will discover four techniques for integrations, and their ultimate objective is the same—to enhance the effectiveness and use of psychiatric therapy. For me, I favor the assimilative integration way, which means grounded in a particular school of psychotherapy, along with in visibility to selectively incorporate practices from other healing approaches. We am confident by Norcross and Beutler's opinion ‘psychotherapy should be flexibly tailored to the initial needs and contexts of the individual client, not really universally applied as one-size-fits all. ' I locate person-centered remedy play a crucial role during my personal guidance approach. You will find contributions of this approach: Consumers take the stance and assume responsibility for the direction of therapy. This amazing approach has become subjected to scientific testing, and thus both theory and strategies have been revised. It is an open system. Persons without advanced training may benefit by converting the therapeutic conditions to both their particular personal and professional lives....


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