Past Present Future

 Past Present Future Dissertation

My Earlier, Present, and Future

Bill L Lyons

PSY 202

Steve Dashiell

July 31, 2010

My personal Past, Present and Foreseeable future

I. What things do I remember about my childhood?

a. My Family

n. My initially Girlfriend

c. My mother's accident

d. Good times and Negative

e. My own sister

2. What I do after I still left High School.

a. U. T. Navy

b. Tilton Fireplace Department and Ambulance

c. Police section

d. Transport.

III. What are the, professional and Academic Desired goals?

a. Items I have already accomplished.

b. My professional goals that I have accomplished

c. Were my own Academic goals will lead me?

My own Past, Present and Long term

As a really small child My spouse and i don't bear in mind too much, nevertheless the things which i do remember been seen in through a infant's eyes which has made me the person that I am today and i also will always possess those memory's with me until my last breathe on this earth. In this essay My spouse and i intend to demonstrate how my childhood and adult life to this point has motivated my previous, present and future. Through the use of the mature development theories from this class I as well intend on present how they connect with my Life knowledge and in which I am today as an Adult scholar.

Its funny how as a child you look for things, as time passes those same kid memories become life experience as an adult. It is stated that Environmental examination is strongly related to the impact environments help to make on people. (Garling, & Evans, 1992). This becomes a reality over time as the years pass. I will remember since a child I seen my Dad as being a hard working individual this individual always seemed to be at work most of the time, But yet since a child I did not think that there were much.  I did not think that i was the poorest people on the block both. How wrong I was likely to be, ?nternet site would recognize later in life how much we really had. Dad was a very quiet man and never said much, he was someone who didn't at any time show very much affection.  You never read my dad state I love you.  Not right up until he became ill and knew that his existence was nearing the end.  Dad was never a religious man.  He believed in God nevertheless didn't enroll in church with the rest of the family.   Dad found out that he had cancers and right after that begun to attend church, Dad also was re- baptized and was saved. I don't know at that time but my dad had entered the stage that Erik Erikson mentioned as being the " Old Age Stage” and Erikson said too this level people have ideas or wisdom about the cycle of life plus the inevitability of death. (Witt & Mossler, 2010 ).  Even while my dad neared his previous days my friend still extended to do things that tried just to save the family money.

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I thought mainly because my mom might can almost everything in sight that will fit into a glass Mason jar, just like tomatoes, pickles, strawberry and blackberry jam and jello just to refer to a few.  Just looked we hardly ever had any cash to live upon.  Inside my eyes as a child it looked as if my mom was always trying to save by the issues that the lady did.  Mom made homemade your favorite ice cream and would even buy live chickens and kill these people in the back yard. I can remember those chickens running around without having head on. Later mom could clean these people and put these people in that large deep freeze that was already complete to the leading. I would think to myself so why in the world is she putting even more stuff in a freezer that was full already? I came across out someday why mom made sure that she more than stocked every thing. My grandpa and grandma had experienced the despression symptoms and as young daughter my mom got watched my own grandmother the actual same thing. Mother was being trained to be prepared and be looking forward to the next major depression, insuring that there was enough to last and go around if required. I have to agree with Parkes & Stevenson & Marris, " Out of the first marriage stems a collection of expectations and assumptions that may influence succeeding relationships” (. Parkes, M....


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