Cognitive Expansion

 Cognitive Development Essay


This report discusses cognitive development of an adolescent through the use of Piaget's pendulum task, and aims to measure the level of intellectual development with comparison to literature in the field and furthermore provide suggestions showing how a instructor could improve the subjects learning in one crucial learning location.

Pieget's studies have been structured around cognitive development. The development has 4 major phases. Each level enables anyone to develop means of knowing. This kind of report focuses on the fourth stage, the formal operational level. Critics of Piaget's work are checked out and concepts such as learning, mentors and structures happen to be looked at.

It absolutely was found that even though the effects of previous Piaget's testing were duplicated, the findings suggest that the results cannot be assessed through Piaget's operate alone. Furthermore, to enhance the learning of the subject matter it was located that the NSW geography program has the potential with ideal teacher stimulation to properly provide for the student, although literacy could be concentrated upon.


This survey looks at cognitive development by making use of Piaget's pendulum task. The pendulum process asks a person to determine the changing that makes the pendulum swing faster, that is certainly, increase the consistency. The way in which someone goes regarding the task is supposed to give an insight into the person's level of intellectual development.

Critical to Piaget's work is usually that the brain and the environment socialize in producing cognitive development, and that this development can be broken up in four significant stages (Gleitman, 1995). Patre (1998) in review of Pieget (1952, 1970) states that these stages happen to be age related, for the reason that children generally reach every stage within a particular age range in sequence. Since a child enters in to each level they develop new ways of knowing and understanding (new ways of gathering intelligence) since defined by boundaries of the stage.

In respect for the age of students that began the pendulum task it is the fourth stage (the previous stage) of Piaget's intellectual development (Inhelder, B. Piaget, J 1958) that will be looked over. Berger (1998) summarises your fourth stage, the ‘formal functional stage', because developing coming from 11-12 years old through to adulthood and is ‘characterised by hypothetical, logical, and abstract thought' (Berger, 1998, p. 41).

Piaget's research by centering on mental processors and set ups of thought has led to a huge body of which has offered insight into the way in which that we understand certain areas of human behavior, for ‘we now have the appreciation with the capacities and limitations with the types of thinking that are possible by various ages' (Berger, 98, p. 41). As such this has greatly inspired educators in seeking " explanations to get the difficulties encountered by the students in learning as a basis for the design of more effective instruction' (Adey, Shayer, 1993, p. 1). For example , a major analysis topic was whether or not the development of cognition could be accelerated. Adey and Shayer, (1993) identified that cognitive development could possibly be accelerated and that the effects could be long term (Adey and Shayer, 1993, pp. 26-27). Furthermore, Adey and Shayer (1993) cite job by Hallam, (1967) and Jurd (1973) who identified the notion of concrete (the third stage) and formal operations may be applied to record, and that Fusco (1983) discovered that it could be fully used in the context of British comprehension and social research (Adey, Shayer, 1993, pp. 26-27).

Hence, while Piaget's studies on cognitive expansion have made a major contribution to knowledge during a call, his function has also led to a large body system of critique. Berger (1998, p. 45) suggests that a large number of people believe Piaget ‘underestimated the importance of external motivation and instruction…the role of society and home in fostering intellectual development (Berger, 1998, g. 45). While socio-cultural theory ‘seeks to...

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