Barangay Distance Form

 Barangay Distance Form Essay


Office of the Punong Barangay

_____________, Mandaue Metropolis


(Required underneath Sec. 152, Par. (c))

This is to certify that __________________________, performing under the design and brand _________________________________, (if any) is usually legitimately engaged in the business of ____________________________ (refer to footnote), with address at ________________________________________ Mandaue Town. В

The applicant is doing business inside the barangay since __________ and known to the city as peaceloving and law-abiding citizen, (Write " Certainly not Applicable” with the blank space in case of first application. В

His/her business establishment does not encroach on any kind of public highway or road. В

Given pursuant to Sec. 152, par. (c) of RA 7160 or else known as Local Government Code of 1991. В

Barangay ___________________Mandaue City_______________200__. В


Punong Barangay

Cert. Cost: P10. 00

O. Ur. No . ________________

Issued about ________________

For: Manufacturers, assemblers, repackers, cpus, brewers, distillers, compounders of liquors, unadulterated spirits and wines, manufacturers of virtually any article of trade of no matter what kind or nature, (Sec. 143, par. (a) Local Government Code. ) В

Pertaining to: Wholesalers and distributors, or perhaps dealers in just about any article of trade of whatever kind or nature (Sec. 143, par. (b) County Code. ) В

Pertaining to: Exporters, or perhaps manufacturers, millers, producers, bulk suppliers, distributors, stores or necessary commodities (rice and corn, cassava flour, dairy meats, sugar, salt, other agricultural products, marine fresh water goods, cooking essential oil, cooking gas, laundry soap, detergents, medications, fertilizer, insect poison, herbicide, plantation implements, poultry and creature feeds, college supplies, cement) (Sec. 143, par. (c) (8), County Code. ) В

Pertaining to: Retailers of nonessential products (Sec. 143, par (d)...


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