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Question 1: Technology Evolution

Could it be an pregressive or major innovation?

The innovation in the digital pen that people see today has been gradual over time. Employing existing concepts from the classic pen and combining it with the modern day computing platform we use on a day by day basis. Several may believe the creativity of the digital pen was major because it supplies a fundamentally new concept of having the capacity digitally record, link and transfer written by hand and sound data from the pen to a computer. Nevertheless , the systems behind this kind of digital pen had been developed and improved after some time. The hop from the latest previous solutions to those used inside the digital smartpen is relatively small , hence, the digital pen is definitely an example of pregressive innovation. Using Technology S-Curves, Assess The Stage of Technology Evolution. determine 1 . you

The digital smartpen is still in its early stages of commercialisation or early take-off, being supported by early adopters and technical visionaries. Although the customer base is slowly shifting away from the early adopters, it is yet to penetrate before the mainstream marketplace and the wider consumer. The

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digital pen companies are in the difficult period where a cool product must leap from the early market for the mainstream, exhibiting the products value and profit to the consumer and why it is the greatest alternative to resolve a card holder's problems or needs (in this case the taking and processing of notes); this really is referred to as " crossing the chasm”. Digital pens never have yet " taken off”. Why? The digital pen is not yet seen as an necessity for the average client. Each device will run you around 99 dollars. 95 with each necessary notebook costing you around $25 each (Amazon. com). An expensive alternative to the 30c dog pen and $2 notebook. Unsurprisingly in physique 1 . one particular at the beginning large effort is definitely rewarded simply with a small amount of overall performance, characterising the ferment of a product innovation. As your time and effort over time boosts the ratio of performance per unit of effort increases, only to taper off by maturity stage of a products existence. Once the digital smartpen increases really reputation simply by improving alone in parts of price, size, image and reliability the product will almost sell by itself, the digital smartpen will move to " take off”. But right up until then the digital pen will even now not be able to cross into the popular market. Assess The Innovation When it comes to Christensen's Ideas of Troublesome Innovations Christensen believed it wasn't an incumbent business's lack of technological capabilities that contributed to a firm's failing in moving to new-technology, but the readiness of is actually customers to adopt the new services and products available based on that technology. The digital pen came at any given time where the market was completely outclassed by PDAs and PC tablets. Incumbent firms give attention to incremental improvements to serve their mainstream market, conceding smaller specialized niche segments of the market if she is not fully targeted upon, allowing new business's to look after them with no competition. Christensen believed that new entry firms perform better once targeting underserved market portions. If the digital smartpen tried to enter the mainstream industry too early it will have a tough time competing with the incumbent firms already catering to the industry. That is why Christensen believed troublesome technology is not easy to adopt. Nevertheless , digital writing instruments might capable to get their ft . in the door to the popular market, that allows consumers to procedure notes within a never carried out before approach that could potentially shift card holder's loyalty to this new technology. And with more and...

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