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Pay structure of civil support between Bangladesh and Singapore: An overview/A Comperative Evaluation Course Code: 353

Course Title: Operations of Southern region & South-East Asia

Submission Date: 21-06-2013

Submitted to

Mohammad Samiul Islam

Assistant Professor

Office of Community Administration

Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet

Submitted by simply

Lucky purkayastha

Reg no-2010237006

3rd 12 months 1st term

Dept. of Public Government

Shahjalal University of Scientific research & Technology, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh


Shell out represents probably the most important and contentious element in the career relationship, and it is of the same interest for the employer, worker and govt. In every sectors employees happen to be paid for carrying out their duties and duties. All the detrimental servants both in Bangladesh and Singapore are usually paid although wages, wage, compansation. Almost all employees are certainly not paid by same level. They are structured in various grades and weighing scales.

Key words:

Civil service, pay out system, size, grade etc .

Objectives of the study:

-To know the municipal service of Bangladesh and Singapore

-To know the pay out system of Bangladesh and Singapore

-To know the pay structure of Bangladesh and Singapore

City Service

Detrimental service turns into an essential a part of governance in the modern era. The task of performing the state's business needs the business and working of set ups generally manned by a human body of government representatives, collectively called civil support. The term detrimental service includes all functionaries of the government excepting these in the armed forces service (Report of the Pay out and Providers Commission, 1997). The armed forces and chosen officials in the Republic happen to be excluded using this term.

In respect to Rai and Singh, the city service means a professional body of simple experts in administration committed to serve with no regard to its own benefits or without reference to party political opinions or category interests (Rai and Singh, 1979: 26).

The civil service – that comprises the administrative part of the authorities, symbolizes the of ‘good' or ‘bad'governance of a express. The success of the government's vision and mission depends upon capable municipal servants in the right place.

Singapore civil support:

The Singapore civil support is highly viewed as one of the most effective and uncorrupt bureaucracies on the globe, with large standard of dicipline and accountability. A lot of it's rules were inherited from the administrative system kept by the Uk Civil service as Singapore was once an english colony. It is regarded as one of many key contributors to the accomplishment of Singapore since freedom. Part IX of the metabolism " the Public Service”outlines the job of the municipal service(article 102-119). Composition of Singapore detrimental service:

The constitution provides for the PSC to include a Chairman rather than less than 18 others people. The PSC members maintain office for any five years term. * Prime ministers office

5. Ministry of Community Advancement, Youth, and Sportss

2. Minisry of Defense

5. Ministry of Education

* Ministry of Envirnment

2. Ministry of Finance

5. Ministry of Foreign affairs

* Ministry of heath

* Ministry of house Affairs

* Ministry info, Communication, and arts

5. Minstry of Law

2. Ministry of Manpower

5. Ministry farrenheit National Advancement

Souce: Community Administration in Singapore design, Jon s i9000. t. Quah, 2010 Function of Singapore Civil Assistance:

The capabilities of Singapore civil services is split up into two. They are * Lawful Functions

5. Non-statutory features

Statutory Capabilities:

* Generate and Select best talent

* Maintain self-discipline

* Functions delegated to Personnel Plank

* Consider appeal to get promotion

Non-statutory functions:

5. Select and...

References: Rai, h. and Singh, S i9000. P. (1979), Current Concepts and Issues in Indian Administration --- A Advancement Perspective. Fresh Delhi: Uppal Punishing Home

UNDP (2007), Role and Capacity in the Public Services Commission. Dhaka: UNDP

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