An Research of Herman Wouks The Caine Mutiny and the life span of Willie Keith

An Examination of Herman Wouk's The Caine Mutiny and the life span of Willie Keith

Sometimes it takes a meeting in one's life to improve a person. In

Herman Wouk's The Caine Mutiny, it had taken the navy to improve the life of

Willie Keith.

Before Willie joined the navy he was living the simple life. His

mother originated from a wealthy relatives so Willie acquired no challenges financially.

He hardly ever really took anything significantly. He didn't possibly take Princeton

seriously. "But his real profession at Princeton had contains playing the

piano and inventing bright little songs for celebrations and shows." Willie

just took everything he previously for granted. When he graduated from Princeton

he probably could have gotten a fairly good task or gone to earn his

master's degree. Instead, he elected to become piano player in a

cocktail lounge. "He had not been paid much. The cost was, actually, the

smallest permitted by the musicians union for a piano person. Willie

didn't really care, as long as fifty-dollar charges flowed from his mom."

That was his life prior to the navy. In the navy, all that changed.

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