An Evaluation of Samudaya, the next of the Four Noble Truths

An Evaluation of Samudaya, the next of the Four Noble Truths

“ ‘I have got sons, I have wealth’: thinking as a result the fool is certainly troubled. Indeed, he himself is not

his own. How do sons or riches be his?”

The Second of the Four Noble Truths is normally Samudaya, translated as craving and greed. This

is a practice that is completely inescapable of most people. There is no-one who does not want, no

one who cannot think of just one single more thing to create him self “happy”. It's the given nature

of all persons to desire what the don't have, regardless of who they happen to be, what they say, or how

satisfied they seem.

Imagine a man attempting to find interior peace by meditating atop a mountain. He sits

there at peace with the wonder of the environment around him, sensing harmonious with nature. He

thinks he desires nothing else but to sit there and become one with the community, but in actuality he

craves this time alone and wishes this peace that he offers found to create him feel blissful. Now

think of the person who sits behind a corporate table all day earning more income than he is capable

of ever spending. He has every new gizmo and

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