An Analysis of this issue of the Sovereignty as a Practical Option for Quebec

An Analysis of this issue of the Sovereignty as a Practical Option for Quebec

Is sovereignty a viable choice for Quebec?

From the times of Upper and More affordable Canada until the Meech Lake accord and Charlottetown agreements, there were never-ending conflicts between Quebec and the government. For many years, Canada has been hearing cries of salvation for a dying dialect and a repressed customs. The Quebecois have, through the years, fought passionately to have their requirements for special position met by Canada, but beyond the mental statements of a way of life fearing extinction, is sovereignty a really viable and feasible alternative for Quebec? The debate in favor of separation is an extremely emotional one, but draws hardly any from facts and figures. The actual fact that separation from Canada would severely damage Quebec is easily tested by examining the prosperity-within-Canada of the "Calm Revolution", the fallacy of the French-Canadian Country, and the clear economic disaster that could occur after separation, due to the outstanding personal debt and a drop in overseas investment.

First, why don't we look at the glorious times of Quebec, the "Rvolution Tranquille", along with the passage of Costs 101 and the initial referendum. One of the most prosperous intervals in the annals of Quebec is normally that of the 1960's, when Jean Lesage's Liberal government induced, notably, the nationalization of hydro-electric facilities, a provincial hospitalization scheme and extensive educational reforms. Separatists argue that Canada will continue steadily to take over provincial jurisdictions and can never provide them with the privileges and powers they deserve, and that separation is definitely which means only solution, however the Lesage government could achieve it's goal to be "Matres chez nous!" without threats of secession. In the late 1970's, the Lvesque government

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