A Literary Evaluation of the Epic Account Beowulf

A Literary Evaluation of the Epic Report Beowulf

The earliest known manuscript of Beowulf can be thought to have already been written in the

tenth century, even so, the poem had probably been advised as an oral custom for

centuries before that. Actually, the poems occasions date back again to the sixth century. However,

because there is one manuscript of Beowulf even now in tact hardly any is known about the

poem or its writer. The poem does, even so, give us wonderful insight into the culture of the

people who composed and informed this epic tale.

Because the poem was performed orally largely between your eighth and tenth

centuries, but dealt with subject material of centuries earlier, it really is difficult to decipher and

separate the cultural context mixed up in poem in one century to another. The

poem was in all probability unrecognizable from its primary state after 2 hundred years of oral

tradition that could have changed its content significantly. The storyline of the poem, the

battles and significant events, almost certainly maintained almost all of their identity while the

cultural context required on another contact form more suited to the existing culture of the people. By

the time it was written, in 1000, the poem

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